Today, July 7, the Constitutional Court of Ukraine will begin consideration of the submission of a group of people’s deputies on compliance with the Basic Law, the so-called law on total Ukrainianization.

In this regard, the party «Opposition Platform — For Life» issued a statement in which it demanded an end to discrimination against Russian-speaking Ukrainians.

The statement was posted on the official website of the political force.


The right to speak, learn and receive information in one’s native language are inalienable natural rights of every person. In a democratic state, their provision is the duty of the authorities. But in Zelenskiy’s Ukraine, language and cultural policies are based not on rights and the Constitution, but on nationalist dogmas and the whim of an official.

Today, according to sociological research in Ukraine, 54% of citizens constantly speak Russian or use it in everyday life along with Ukrainian. But the leading member of the Ze-team, Alexey Danilov, believes that the second language in Ukraine should not be Russian, but English. He stated this in an interview with one of the Ukrainian media. Moreover, he considers the use of English as mandatory for Ukrainian citizens. Apparently, to make it easier to understand the wishes of creditors and new owners of Ukrainian enterprises and land.

Danilov’s position is evidence of the openly anti-democratic and discriminatory policy that the current government is pursuing in relation to Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine. In the elections, Volodymyr Zelensky promised not to press down on the Russian language. President Zelenskiy was ready to abolish language discrimination and ensure the rights of Russian-speaking citizens. Back in the summer of 2019, he allowed the special status of the Russian language for Donetsk and Lugansk. But today the pressure on the Russian language is only increasing. The laws passed by the Ze-team and signed by President Zelenskiy are turning Russian-speaking Ukrainians into second-class people.

THE OPPOSITION PLATFORM FOR LIFE demands an end to language discrimination. Ensure the linguistic and cultural rights of Russian-speaking Ukrainian citizens. Amend the legislation to guarantee the right to freely use Russian and the languages ​​of other national communities in the cultural and social life of Ukraine. Ensure the right to receive education in Russian for children, at the request of their parents. Stop the policy of coercion, fines and punishments in language and cultural policy.

It is not for Danilov or any other official to decide in what languages ​​the citizens of Ukraine communicate. Civil servants are obliged to abide by the Constitution, and not to impose their fantasies and dogmas using their official position.

Our political force has already submitted to parliament draft laws in the language, humanitarian and educational spheres, which will restore the rights of Russian-speaking Ukrainians and representatives of other ethnic communities. We will seek their adoption, a harmonious and democratic language policy in Ukraine.

Ensuring the rights of Russian-speaking Ukrainian citizens is a requirement of the Constitution!

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