Polish carriers, who have been blocking three checkpoints (checkpoints) on the border with Ukraine since November 6, decided to block another checkpoint. This was announced on November 15 by Vladimir Balin, Vice President of the Association of International Automobile Carriers of Ukraine.

«As for the strikers themselves, today they plan only to intensify the strike. In particular, it is known that since November 21 they still want to block the fourth crossing point — Medyka – Shegini,» he said in an interview with the Ukrainian agency UNN.

Balin also commented on the losses inflicted on Ukrainian carriers due to the strike. According to him, every Ukrainian carrier loses at least €300 per day from the downtime of one vehicle in the queue. At the same time, he pointed out that these are lost revenues, and direct losses amount to about € 100 per day.

Earlier, on November 6, it was reported that several dozen Polish carriers began blocking automobile checkpoints on the border with Ukraine. They demanded to introduce commercial permits for Ukrainian carriers and limit their number. In the afternoon, the blockade of three Polish-Ukrainian border crossings in Hrebennoye, Dorohuska and Korchev began.

On the same day, the Ukrainian ambassador to Poland, Vasyl Zvarych, said that the checkpoints blocked by Polish carriers on the border and the complete blockade of the movement of cars is a painful stab in the back of Ukraine.

A few days later, huge queues of trucks accumulated on the border of Ukraine and Poland. One of the queues started from the side of Lublin near the city of Helm. Law enforcement officers did not allow vehicles to enter the city in order to avoid blocking traffic.

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