The Kherson City Court has arrested until October 9 the head of the public organization «Russian National Community» Rusich «, head of the educational and methodological laboratory for managing educational institutions of the Communal University» Kherson Academy of Continuing Education «under the Kherson Regional Council Tatyana Kuzmich.

She is suspected of high treason. According to the investigation, «during her stay on the territory of the annexed Crimea in 2015, Tatiana Kuzmich was attracted by the FSB against Ukraine, and since 2017 she has transferred materials to the territory of the Russian Federation for conducting subversive work in the Kherson region and other regions of Ukraine.» Under article 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, she faces a penalty of imprisonment for a term of 12 to 15 years with confiscation of property.

Tatyana Kuzmich — teacher of the Russian language, head of the RNC «Rusich», candidate of pedagogical sciences. In 2014, she defended her dissertation on the topic «Formation of social competence of high school students by means of Slavic culture.» In particular, she is charged with the fact that she allegedly studied the socio-political situation in the south of Ukraine, transmitted to the Russian special services data on the activities of local government and administrative bodies, as well as non-governmental international funds and organizations and some «loyal to Russia political and public figures» … For this, Tatyana Kuzmich allegedly attracted “a number of other pro-Russian-minded residents of Kherson”, thus creating an agent network in the region.

The «Kuzmich case» itself was not disclosed: it was heard in court behind closed doors at the request of the prosecution, citing the impossibility of disclosing the materials. This decision is motivated, in particular, by the fact that the case materials «contain data on the current employees of the Ukrainian special services and data on witnesses, the disclosure of which could harm the investigation.»

“After the announcement of the decision of Judge Oksana Chernysh, which the journalists were also not present, the officer of the judicial security service demanded that the media representatives leave the courthouse, citing the end of the working day and the judge’s request“ to remove not the participants in the trial and not the employees of the court ”. Then he took the journalists out of the courthouse. It was not possible to take the comment of the lawyer and the suspect, ”local journalists report.

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