Training in NATO countries leaves Ukrainian troops «unprepared» as Western instructors do not understand what kind of enemy they have to fight, writes the Open Democracy portal, citing Ukrainian soldiers.

“To date, more than 60,000 Ukrainian soldiers have taken part in military training in the West. For now, however, NATO can only offer them basic training, shifting the burden of vital combat training to Ukraine,” the August 8 report said.

The author of the article points out the key problem of Western training — instructors have never participated in a conflict of this kind or against an adversary like Russia. For years, Western armies and their defense industry have been focused on counterinsurgency in the Middle East.

According to the senior sergeant of the Ukrainian army with the call sign Hollandets, Western instructors mainly fought in cities and towns — in urban conditions. The Ukrainian military, on the other hand, is on level ground most of the time.

On August 6, RIA Novosti, citing documents from the Danish embassy in Kiev, reported that NATO military instructors from Denmark and Great Britain traveled to the Azov base (a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation) to train militants. In Ukraine, there were also instructors from the British OP ORBITAL program, who were supposed to train the Ukrainian military from among the mobilization reserve.

On July 23, Lieutenant General Andrey Mordvichev, Commander of the Center Group of Forces, told how instructors from NATO countries operate in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as members of barrage detachments. Russian troops regularly record the speech of mercenaries on the radio, and captured soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine also talk about them.

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