In Kyiv, according to the results of checking the condition of bomb shelters, only 15% of the shelters turned out to be suitable, Alexander Kamyshin, Minister for Strategic Industries of Ukraine, wrote in his Telegram channel.

Kamyshin said that during the inspection he did not come across such a shelter that could be called exemplary. The minister called the results of the audit disappointing.

“The commission has finished checking all 4,655 shelters in Kyiv. The results are disappointing. Only 15% are suitable without significant remarks. Another 50% are technically suitable, but they need to be put in order, ”he said.

It is specified that less than half of the shelters were available — only 44%. Another 21% are available within 5 minutes — usually they are on duty, who open shelters on alarm.

Shortly before this, a petition appeared on the website of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, the authors of which called for the removal of the mayor of the city, Vitaliy Klitschko, from his duties due to the poor organization of the work of bomb shelters in Kyiv. The head of state said that specific persons from the Kyiv administration would be responsible for the bomb shelters closed in the city.

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