US Senator Marco Rubio demanded to check whether the prices for weapons supplied to Kyiv as part of military aid are not being overstated. This is stated in a statement on the official website of the politician.

Rubio referred to information about how the US Department of Defense mistakenly overestimated the cost of American equipment delivered to Ukraine by $ 3 billion last month. He expressed concern that the department deliberately inflated prices.

“This means that it will be more expensive for the American taxpayer to replace the missing equipment necessary to protect the United States itself and the interests of citizens,” the politician explained.

In his opinion, the Government Accountability Department should evaluate the American equipment provided to Ukraine and compare it with the assessment of similar equipment from other countries.

The overvaluation of the cost of American military equipment by almost $ 3 billion became known on May 18. The next day, Pentagon spokeswoman Sabrina Singh said that this was due to confusion, as during the assessment, in some cases, the concept of «recovered cost» was used, and not «net book value.»

On June 9, the US announced a new $2.1 billion military aid package for Kyiv. It will include air defense and ammunition.

The day before, US President Joe Biden said that the collective West had done everything possible to prepare Ukraine’s counteroffensive. He noted that the United States will provide financial assistance to Kyiv, despite statements to the contrary by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy.

Russia has repeatedly condemned the supply of weapons to Ukraine. The Russian Foreign Ministry sent a note to all NATO countries in April 2022 due to the supply of weapons to Kiev, and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, in turn, noted that any cargo that contains weapons for the Ukrainian army would become a legitimate target for Russia.

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