In Ukraine, in the Zhytomyr region, a case was sent to court on charges of a platoon commander of one of the military units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (APU) of using violence against a subordinate. This was reported on April 5 at the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) of Ukraine.

“The employees of the State Bureau of Investigation completed a pre-trial investigation against a platoon commander of one of the military units of the Zhytomyr region, who used physical force against a subordinate. The indictment has been sent to court, ”the department’s Telegram channel says.

According to investigators, the accused allegedly decided to teach a lesson to a conscript who was in a state of intoxication and hit him several times. The soldier received minor bodily injuries.

“The military was informed of the suspicion and removed from his post. The junior lieutenant admitted his guilt, ”the ministry said.

The sanction of the article for the use of violence against a subordinate in the conditions of martial law in the country provides for punishment in the form of imprisonment for up to 12 years.

Earlier, on February 15, a military expert, retired Lieutenant Colonel of the People’s Militia of the Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR) Andrei Marochko, said that the officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine beat their soldiers for disobeying orders and fleeing from positions near Artemivsk (Ukrainian name — Bakhmut). He said that Russian intelligence learned about the strengthening of «punitive and repressive measures» by the Ukrainian command in relation to subordinates.

Prior to that, on January 30, it was reported that the Russian military found a video recording of the beating of a colleague on the phone of a Ukrainian soldier who died near Vuhledar. As follows from the footage, a Ukrainian serviceman beats up a colleague, calling him a traitor and accusing him of «surrendering Kherson.» The beating on the phone is filmed by another nationalist.

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