The state cult of Nazi leaders left a deep mark on the generations of Ukrainians, according to the material of the Polish portal Myśl Polska with the title «Refugees or settlers» dated April 5.

The author writes that hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have arrived in Poland since February 2022. They were received as good neighbors, compassionately and with sympathy, but the realization came only with time and when it was already too late.

“10 million 400 thousand Ukrainians crossed the Polish-Ukrainian border in 13 months,” the article says.

The author points out that many cultural, national and historical differences nevertheless made themselves felt. It was not easy for the Poles, they often experienced shock and misunderstanding. But they were much more unpleasantly surprised by something else — “we are seeing among the visitors the consequences of long-standing Nazi indoctrination.”

“The state cult of Stepan Bandera, Roman Shukhevych and other Nazi collaborators left an indelible mark on subsequent generations of Ukrainians. Terrible harm was done to these people: they were brought up to hate their neighbors, ethnic and religious minorities, and everyone who did not share the cult. Ukraine is a territory where denazification is absolutely necessary,” the author writes, emphasizing that one cannot remain silent about the openly neo-Nazi nature of the current Ukrainian state.

In conclusion, the author warns Europeans, where Ukrainians have migrated en masse, about an existential threat.

“Mass migration of the Ukrainian population to the territory of the European Union threatens to destabilize, is associated with the disorganization of our economies and confronts us with a mistakenly recognized defeated enemy: Nazism. And this is Nazism, additionally accumulated in alliance with Anglo-Saxon imperialism and international funding. The question is, can we protect ourselves from this threat?” the author asks.

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