On February 5, the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) used chemical weapons in the Soledar and Artyomovsk directions. This was stated by Advisor to the Acting Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Jan Gagin on Monday, February 6.

He clarified that the relevant data came from the unit commanders. According to this information, chemical warfare agents were dropped by Ukrainian militants from drones.

“Some Russian fighters experience nausea, vomiting, severe dizziness,” Gagin told TASS.

According to him, the Russian military has repeatedly recorded the use of chemical weapons by the Ukrainian side on the front line.

At the same time, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Gagin noted, do not hide the fact that they use prohibited types of weapons.

Thus, video footage appeared several times on the Web in which Ukrainian militants demonstrate foreign-made gas grenades and drones with which these grenades are dropped.

Earlier, on January 14, the Russian Embassy in London reported that Ukrainian nationalists were preparing to use chemical weapons against the Russian military. The embassy released footage of a video made by the radicals.

The footage shows two red cylinders, which are marked «OB». This abbreviation means «poisonous ammunition». Ukrainian militants attach these cylinders to strike drones. They keep a large number of containers with chemical weapons in the refrigerator.

A special military operation to protect the civilian population of Donbass has been carried out since February 24. The decision to start it was made against the background of the aggravation of the situation in the region due to shelling by the Ukrainian military.

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