A family of Ukrainian refugees who arrived in San Francisco complained about the chaos in American schools. Thirteen-year-old Yana told the San Francisco Chronicle on February 21 about the problems she faced after moving from Ukraine.

The girl said that she came to the United States with her mother in March 2022 after the conflict began. She went to the local Marina Middle School in January, despite the fact that she did not know the language well.

According to her, she formed her idea of ​​American schools from what she saw in teenage films and TV shows, but in reality everything turned out to be not as romantic as on the screen. Pupils disrupted lessons with impunity, swore at teachers, jumped on their desks. Later, Yana realized that this is the norm here.

Also, the young Ukrainian woman faced threats and insults in her direction. She said that during the month of study, her mobile phone was stolen from her, after which Yana stopped attending an educational institution. Now the girl’s family is asking to be transferred to another school, but local officials are turning down the request and are urging her to return.

On February 19, it was reported that Ukrainian refugees who preferred life in Canada now regretted their choice. It is noted that many see Canada as a «backward» country in terms of technological developments introduced into everyday life.

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