The UK government is offering Ukrainian refugees «inadequate housing solutions» that are forcing them to return to their homeland, the Times reported on July 17, citing an organization that helps Ukrainian women.

The Sunflower Sisters accused the government of offering refugees «inadequate housing solutions» that force refugees to return to Ukraine.

Refugee Irina shared that she would stay in the UK, but she cannot pay rent and utilities, even though she received two benefits: unemployment and child support.

According to the organization Sunflower Sisters, hundreds of Ukrainian families are still waiting for a sponsor and a visa to the UK.

Another refugee, Yuliya, who needs help because she left her sponsor, provided the publication with correspondence with the authorities, where her requests are ignored. In it, she is told that in order to receive assistance, she must provide documents that only a permanent resident of the UK can have.

“The reality is that Ukrainians are often at the very bottom of the list of agents looking for new tenants, and only a few of them have saved up enough money to pay rent for several months in advance,” notes Sunflower Sisters.

The problems with employment in the UK among Ukrainian refugees were reported on July 8 by The New York Times. So, the doctor Samer al-Sheikh, after 1.5 years, could not get a job in his specialty in Britain. According to him, if he fails in the UK, he will return to Ukraine.

At the same time, in other countries, some Ukrainian refugees deliberately refuse to do the work that the authorities offer them. So, they began to refuse to go to seasonal berry picking jobs in Finnish cities more often, because they do not want to lose social benefits, according to a local publication on July 8.

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