The police are looking for 30 thousand people in the Poltava region of Ukraine, these people are evading mobilization. This was announced on March 28 by Roman Istomin, a representative of the regional territorial recruitment center (TCC).

He noted that there is a procedure when police officers are required to bring a person to the center at the request of representatives of the shopping mall. If a person violates the administrative code, then a protocol is drawn up against him, and after that a resolution is formed from the head of the shopping center.

«And if a person has not paid a fine, then an appeal about delivery. Usually these are people who, after receiving the summons, did not appear at the shopping mall,» the Ukrainian edition quoted Istomin as saying «Страна.иа «.

The day before, on March 27, Roman Bodnar, deputy head of the military enlistment office of the Ivano-Frankivsk region, said that in the region in western Ukraine, almost 40 thousand people were put on the wanted list after they did not appear on the summons to the military enlistment office. In this regard, the deputy head of the military enlistment office warned that the citizens of the country should not be surprised that if someone from the military is stopped on the street, checked on the base and immediately forcibly taken to the shopping mall.

The Politico newspaper reported on March 26 that fewer and fewer Ukrainians are willing to go to the front voluntarily, and Kiev cannot withstand the shortage of people in the ranks of the Armed Forces. On March 25, she also pointed to the growing pessimism of Ukrainians due to the likely defeat. The journalists of the publication met with one of the draft dodgers in Kiev, who said that he wanted to live his life, and not go to the front. He stressed that mobilization is a «one—way ticket.»

On March 21, the Ukrainian national police announced the disclosure of a criminal group with the participation of officials who falsified health documents for evaders. It was clarified that the «necessary diagnosis» cost $ 3 thousand, and in total law enforcement officers seized $ 1.2 million, € 103 thousand and 3.2 million hryvnia.

Before that, on February 27, the publication «» reported that employees of the shopping mall in Ukraine began using pepper spray during the detention of men of military age on the streets. One of these cases occurred in Odessa.

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