For many years, the Kyiv authorities have been pursuing a course in Ukraine to eliminate the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC), discriminate against its clergy, and persecute clergy and believing citizens. Such a statement was published by the Russian Foreign Ministry in its report of July 25 on the website.

The report of the ministry, which consists of seven sections, cites the facts and circumstances of the persecution of the Kyiv authorities against the UOC, systemic violations of the rights of Orthodox Christians in Ukraine. The document also reveals the reaction of international human rights organizations to these events.

As noted in the Russian Foreign Ministry, pressure on canonical Orthodoxy in Ukraine began in 2018 and intensified in 2022-2023. These measures were organized by the central leadership of Ukraine, at the moment they are being implemented by the special services, as well as regional authorities.

The Western and Kyiv authorities are trying to separate the Russian and Ukrainian peoples, to destroy the spiritual closeness of the Orthodox believers of the two countries, the department stressed.

“The events taking place in Ukraine fit into the overall picture of the systemic crisis of world Orthodoxy, caused by the policy of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, the United States and other Western countries, which encourages schismatics,” the message says.

The report states that the Kyiv authorities, in order to eliminate the UOC and persecute Orthodox believers, have developed discriminatory laws, organize the seizure of churches and monasteries by force, develop and support the rhetoric of hatred towards the clergy.

Meanwhile, the ministry noted that international organizations ignore the recorded human rights violations taking place in Ukraine.

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