Ukrenergo recommended that residents of Ukraine stock up on power generators due to the repair of damaged infrastructure, and also warned of possible power outages in the winter.

“No one can tell you whether there will be blackouts, in the same way, no one can guarantee that everything will be fine and we will calmly, stably, in a relaxed mode go through the winter,” said the head of Ukrenergo Volodymyr Kudrytsky on July 27, the video was published on the company’s Youtube channel.

He warned of the need to prepare for any possible scenarios and recommended not to get rid of power generators.

“Don’t sell generators, buy some better fuel, change the oil if necessary, check all these devices and have them just in case,” he concluded.

On May 19, one of the thermal power plants in Ukraine stopped generating energy due to damage to the main lines. In the middle of the month, Ukrenergo called on citizens to reduce energy consumption in the morning and evening.

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