The capital of Ukraine may be moved from Kiev to Lviv in the event of an offensive by Russian troops. Stephen Brian, a former assistant to the Deputy Secretary of Defense of the United States, wrote about this on February 4 in an article for the Weapons and Strategy website.

«As soon as there is a real Russian breakthrough through the current line of contact, as a result of which Ukrainian troops will roll back, it will be almost impossible for the Zelensky government to survive in Kiev. There are already signs that the government of Ukraine is planning to move to the west, possibly to Lviv, which is located near the Polish border,» he suggested.

As Brian noted, in this way the Poles will be able to use their nearby air defense systems to protect the Ukrainian city. Also, the UK is already preparing the public and openly talking about sending its special forces to help Ukraine, he recalled.

In addition, according to the military, the lack of weapons means that the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) are limited in their capabilities. However, their main problem is the growing loss of personnel, which undermines public confidence that military operations are under control.

Earlier, on January 23, the Asia Times also wrote that in the event of the defeat of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the capital of Ukraine will be moved from Kiev to Lviv. At the same time, the current head of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR) of Ukraine, Kirill Budanov, may be appointed to the post of head of state.

On January 16, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the Ukrainian Armed Forces counteroffensive ended in absolute failure, and the initiative in the special operation zone is entirely with Russian military personnel. According to him, if this continues, the question of Ukraine’s statehood will arise.

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