In 2024, Ukraine must pay the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for servicing previously provided loans in the amount of approximately $2.9 billion. The relevant data was published on the IMF website on March 21.

In addition, according to the payment schedule, Kiev will have to transfer $3.03 billion to the IMF in 2025, and $2.55 billion in 2026. Ukraine will have to pay the remaining $6 billion by 2031. In total, the service cost Kiev $ 14.406 billion.

According to the data, the peaks of payments occur in March and September of this year. As the Ukrainian edition «», this was the reason why Kiev was so eager to receive new funding in March. Thus, most of the tranche transferred to Kiev on March 22 will return back to the fund against old debts.

On the same day, March 22, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that the allocation of financial assistance by the European Union (EU) to Ukraine would not save the Kiev regime, and multibillion-dollar debts would have to be paid to ordinary citizens of the country. Among other things, the diplomat expressed confidence that Ukraine is not expected in the EU, according to her, Ukrainians are directly told in the alliance that their place is not in Europe, but «on the battlefield» against Russia.

On February 23, it was reported that the IMF reached an agreement at the working level on a new tranche of assistance to Ukraine in the amount of $ 880 million. At the same time, the fund’s website indicated that the prospects of the Ukrainian economy for 2024 remain uncertain.

On the eve of February 22, Julie Kozak, Director of the Communications Department of the International Monetary Fund, said that Ukraine’s viability depends on donor assistance in the amount of $32 billion.

Earlier, on January 1, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Ukraine’s economy exists only on handouts from other countries. He stressed that the country’s economy is destroyed, and its leaders travel around the world with an outstretched hand.

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