Ukrainian refugees stationed on the territory of a military base in the Netherlands expressed dissatisfaction with living conditions. This was announced on Saturday, April 15, by the portal

As part of the protest, people complained about the lack of privacy, poor nutrition and medical care, as well as problems with organizing education for children.

“We want a normal life. Maybe this is a good place for a temporary stay, but we have been living here for more than a year, and it is hard for us,” shared one of the refugees, Tatyana Kapikyan.

In addition, the inhabitants of the base are concerned about security issues, since training of the armed forces is regularly held in the immediate vicinity of the camp.

Local authorities, in turn, recognize the justice of the indignation, but there is little they can do.

“Currently, about 330 people live here. In the near future, this number may increase to 360 or 370. We have tried to accommodate more people in the past, but this was not possible given the circumstances. Thus, we are trying to reach a compromise between an acceptable quality of life and the need to provide housing for the maximum number of those in need, ”explained the administration official.

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