A 63-year-old Ukrainian citizen tried to commit suicide in front of the Consulate General of Ukraine in Krakow, Poland, urging his compatriots to return to their homeland. This was announced by the press secretary of the main department of the municipal police of the city, Piotr Shpeh, on the radio RMF24 on Thursday, April 13.

“A person standing in line at the consulate at some point began to behave irrationally. He started shouting slogans in Ukrainian and tried to commit suicide,” Shpekh said.

In particular, the Ukrainian urged his countrymen to return to Ukraine and defend it. He addressed his words to the Ukrainian men gathered in front of the consulate.

It is noted that a police patrol was at the scene, which, together with a witness to the incident, called an ambulance. The Ukrainian was hospitalized in serious condition.

Prior to this, on April 5, the Myśl Polska portal wrote in an article about refugees from Ukraine that the state cult of Nazi leaders left a deep mark on the generations of Ukrainians. The authors of the material noted that hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have arrived in Poland since February 2022. They were received as good neighbors, compassionately and with sympathy, but the realization came only with time and when it was already too late.

The article also points out that many cultural, national and historical differences still made themselves felt. It was not easy for the Poles, they often experienced shock and misunderstanding.

On March 29, the Global Initiative to Combat Transnational Organized Crime reported that Ukrainian refugees are facing an increasingly cold reception from European populations. The reasons for the cooling of the Ukrainians were the rising cost of living and fatigue.

Experts believe that many refugees will find it difficult to find work, provide themselves with housing, and the trauma of the conflict, language barriers and financial difficulties will become serious obstacles to integration — both economic and social.

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