On June 3, a terrorist attack was committed at the office of the Poltava city organization of the OPPOSITION PLATFORM — FOR LIFE — an unknown person threw a grenade into the open window of the office. This was announced on the air of the NewsOne TV channel by the MP from the OP-FL and the Poltava city organization of the party Ilya Kiva.

“A grenade was thrown into our office in Poltava. The masked man ran to the building where the office is located on the ground floor and threw a grenade through the open window. The secretary of the office miraculously survived because she just went out to wash her hands. If the girl was in this room, she would die. This is a terrorist attack! » — he said.

Ilya Kiva also did not rule out that organizations calling themselves nationalist could be involved in the attack, since earlier they had repeatedly received threats.

“There are terrorists in the country who call themselves the“ National Corps ”and“ National Militias ”, who kill people, pose a threat to society, crack down and execute Ukrainians in the streets. These marginals were given the opportunity to attack people and violate the Constitution. I declare that the National Corps and the National Druzhina are terrorists and their place is in prison! We must isolate society from this violence! » — stressed the people’s deputy.

In connection with the incident, the parliamentarian turned to President Volodymyr Zelensky.

“You will either put things in order in the country, or you are not needed! People are being killed in the streets, grenades are being thrown into the offices of the political forces! What’s happening?! If order is not restored, I will demand a change of power! » — summed up Ilya Kiva.

On the same day, the press service of the National Police of Ukraine reported that during the explosion of a grenade in the office of the Poltava OPFL, an employee who was in the room could be injured.

“Today, on July 3, a message was received to the on-duty department that an unknown person threw an object through the window into the office of a political party, which exploded … The explosion injured a girl, born in 1998, who was in the office. her minor injuries. Walls and furniture in the room were also damaged, ”the communications department of the National Police of Ukraine said on Friday, without specifying the name of the party.

Now employees of the explosives and expert services, the criminal block and the investigative and operational group are working at the scene.

“The police are identifying the persons involved in the explosion in the office of a political party … The police do not divide people on any grounds, including political convictions. Everyone is equal before the law. And for this audacious crime, the perpetrators will be punished, ”said the head of the National Police of Ukraine, Igor Klimenko. According to him, after the first check, the investigators will determine the legal qualification of the event.

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