A resident of Birmingham, England, was shocked by the attitude of a Ukrainian refugee to local residents, among whom there are representatives of different nationalities and faiths. She told about it on January 25 in an interview with Channel 4.

A British woman named Andrea placed a refugee from Ukraine and her son at her home. However, shortly after settling in, a Ukrainian woman complained that «there are too many Muslims in this area.»

«We were completely shocked by how difficult it was for her to accept different cultures. There are too many Muslims, too many people with different skin colors,» Andrea said.

According to her, the greatest discontent of the Ukrainian woman was caused by the fact that her son went to school, where most of the children were Asian and black. As a result, a resident of Birmingham and her guest decided to mutually terminate the accommodation agreement.

Earlier, on January 21, it was reported that the police expelled three Ukrainian refugees from a shelter in Hamburg, the reason for this was a skirmish of Ukrainians. The participants of the conflict were called to leave the shelter. The refugees were forced to spend the night in the park, they were allowed back into the building only in the morning.

At the end of last year, the Financial Times newspaper wrote that European countries, tired of refugees from Ukraine, are beginning to take legislative measures to combat illegal migrants. At the same time, in November, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg called on European countries to be ready for a new wave of refugees from Ukraine.

Currently, as European Commissioner for Internal Affairs Ylva Johansson reported on January 26, there are 4 million refugees from Ukraine in the European Union (EU).

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