A video appeared on the network in which a man in camouflage against the background of the symbols of the «Right Sector» threatens the Zakarpattian Hungarians, who dream of autonomy, at the entrance to the city of Beregovo.

The video was published on YouTube on November 27, reports the portal karpatalja.ma. However, it was later removed «for violating YouTube’s terms of service.» In the video, a man in camouflage clothes and a balaclava, in fro

nt of the flag of the «Right Sector», addresses the Zkarpattian Hungarians. “You are on Ukrainian soil. We know everyone. Who of you received a passport, receives some grants … Remember, we will come to you, we are everywhere, we are everywhere. We know where you work, where you live, where your children are. Pay close attention to your thoughts and your dreams of autonomy. Otherwise we will come for you and your children, ”the man says.

After that, he demonstrates a characteristic Nazi gesture, raising his right hand up.

Source: Strana

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