Olena Oliynyk, a lecturer at the Department of Foreign Languages at the Uman National University of Horticulture, said that the Jews are destroying Ukrainians and called for «to throw off the Jewish yoke and the Jewish idol from the pedestal,» wrote director of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee Eduard Dolinsky on his Facebook page on Friday, August 14.

“Become human beings and throw off the yoke of the Jews, which the Jews planted on us by the hands of our unreasonable ancestors, in 1917, and act according to the principle — divide and conquer.” Skip to 9

Olena Aleksandrovna believes that the railroads are destroying Ukrainians: “We have been divided and are being destroyed step by step, wiped off the face of the earth,” the message says.

Dolinsky also noted that Oliynyk is the author of 20 teaching aids and scientific publications.

In the comments under the publication, users were outraged by such statements by the teacher.

“What’s happening to people? Some kind of horror ”,“ She is, apparently, the only one in Uman who does not make money on pilgrims to Nachman, hence the bathert. Let her remember that the Jews have been feeding her Uman for more than one year ”,“ As they say, everything you need to know about the Ukrainian higher school, ”wrote the subscribers.

Recall that every year on Rosh-ha-Shanu (Jewish New Year, usually falls at the end of August or September) Hasidim from all over the world come to Uman. It is in Uman that the grave of one of the founders of Hasidism (an orthodox trend in the Jewish religion), Tzadik Nachman, who is considered a prophet, is located. According to legend, the tzadik Nachman bequeathed to bury himself in Uman, at the site of bloody clashes, where many Jews died.

Source: Vesti

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