In Dnipro, unidentified persons poured paint on the reception room of the head of the city organization «OPFL» and candidate for mayor Sergei Nikitin.

Commenting on the incident, Sergei Nikitin urged young people to refrain from participating in custom-made actions of political opponents. According to the politician, such actions only at first glance seem harmless. Damage to property, depending on the damage caused, can be classified as an administrative offense or a criminal offense.

“A group of young people committed hooligan actions in relation to the reception office of the city party organization OPFL and mine as a candidate for mayor of the city. Young guys, hiding their faces under hoods, “heroically” sprinkled paint on the steps of the room and ran away so as not to be caught, ”he said.

Seizing the moment, Sergei Nikitin turned to the youth of the city.

“When certain parties have nothing to offer society, they attract young people for such petty sabotage. I would like to remind you that after each such incident, investigative actions are conducted, and video cameras recording your faces collect material for law enforcement officers … Do not take part in such custom events! » — warned the politician.


For the second time in a week in Sumy, acts of vandalism have been committed against the OPPOSITION PLATFORM- FOR LIFE. For the first time, on the night of September 30, all 35 outdoor advertising carriers located in the regional center were damaged. This time, on the night of October 7, the banners and windows of the receiving political force were fired at with paint.

“It is useless to try to threaten the leading political force in this way on the eve of local elections. Those who spoil the buildings in the very center of Sumy demonstrate their failure and even helplessness. Under cover of the night, they cowardly spoiled our banners, reception windows. They see how the ratings of OPFL in the Sumy region are growing, and they do everything to prevent progressive political forces from joining local councils. It is obvious that the radicals are not interested in achieving peace and well-being for Ukrainians. I am convinced that the population of the regional center condemns any acts of vandalism and will draw appropriate conclusions regarding these hooligan actions, ”said Alexander Strelchenko, chairman of the regional organization OPFL, deputy of the Sumy regional council.

Party representatives appealed to law enforcement agencies with a demand for a prompt and objective investigation of the incident.

“We are determined and in the future we will carry out even more active work to help people and support them,” summed up Alexander Strelchenko.

Such provocations, according to the political force, will not affect the work of the public reception.


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