In Kherson, the radicals attacked the teacher Tatyana Kuzmich, released from the pre-trial detention center on bail of half a million hryvnias, who is accused by the SSU of high treason.

When Kuzmich was leaving the pre-trial detention center, she was attacked by a representative of the Kherson branch of the organization «Self-Defense» Inna Usacheva, as well as by an unknown man who poured red paint on the teacher.

“How many people do you think have killed? .. Bitch, you are covered in blood, you have the blood of Ukrainian soldiers on you, scum. How many soldiers have you killed? You handed over information to the enemy, and you think you will feel calm in Kherson, scum? ”Said Usacheva, who published a video of the attack in her video blog.

Earlier, ex-deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Alexei Zhuravko announced the threat of an attack on Kuzmich by right-wing radicals.

According to Zhuravko, the right-wing radicals know Kuzmich’s place of residence, they are unhappy with the fact that she was released on bail and demand reprisals.

“Now this beautiful woman will not be easy. She will cope, and together we will help her so that justice will prevail. I received not very good information from Kherson: a Nazi and an inveterate scoundrel Inna Usacheva knows where Tatyana Kuzmich and her parents live. She is preparing another provocation and persecution against the teacher. These mad dogs imagined that everything is allowed to them, the SSU is knee-deep, laws, since they are stoned pot-headed, and most importantly, Nazis. For them Bandera and Shukhevych are heroes, ”Zhuravko said.

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