The State Committee of Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine has banned the import of Bulgakov’s book «The Master and Margarita» from Russia, as well as detective novels by the famous contemporary writer Boris Akunin (literary pseudonym of Grigory Shalvovich Chkhartishvili-Ed.).

Serhiy Oliynyk, Head of the Department of licensing procedures and control over the distribution of publishing products at Gosteleradio, told to Ukrinform about the reasons for books being included in the banned list.

So, according to Oliynyk, «absolutely every Russian book is to a greater or lesser extent a carrier of the ideology of the «Russian world». Because a good book, which indicates that it was published in Russia, unwittingly evokes positive associations with the aggressor state» and he regrets that there is no complete ban on the import of books from the Russian Federation, because «propaganda is hidden in the details».

«In the series of detective stories about Erast Fandorin, the Russian security officer appears not in the image of a bloody killer, but a true aristocrat of the XIX century. And all the events described took place at a time when Muscovy was slaughtering the Circassian people,» the head of the department argued for the ban on the import of Akunin’s books to Ukraine.

In addition, Bulgakov’s book «The Master and Margarita» was banned for import, but it is probably a specific publication, the preface of which refers to «representatives of Russian cinema who, for their public support of military intervention, are included in the List of persons who pose a threat to national security.»

He also said that one children’s book was banned because of the image of the Russian flag on an artificial satellite of the Earth, and the book «What I can learn from Anna Akhmatova» was not allowed to be imported because » the authors call the October Revolution «one of the greatest events in the history of Russia», illustrating it with portraits of Lenin and red flags.»

Recall that in Ukraine, from January 1, 2017, the law «On restricting access to the Ukrainian market of foreign printed products of an anti-Ukrainian nature»is in force . That is a ban on the free import of books from Russia: to do this, you need to get special permissions.

Source: A country

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