Miroshnichenko said live that the UOC is a non-canonical civic organization that the state should ban for promoting the «Russian World».

On May 14, 2020, a member of the Political Council of VO «Svoboda», a deputy of the Kiev City Council Igor Miroshnichenko demanded that the Ukrainian authorities ban the UOC.

“They (Ukrainian boxers Alexander Usik and Vasily Lomachenko — Ed.) Say that they are Orthodox, the Russian world, but at the same time they go to a Church that is not canonical, which does not actually profess a religion, but which is engaged in the propaganda of the Russian world, — said Miroshnichenko on the air of the TV channel «Magnolia-TV». «The state should ban the Russian Church (as he called the UOC — Ed.) As a propaganda organization.»

According to the deputy of the Kyiv City Council, the UOC is both non-religious, but at the same time non-canonical organization.

“This is not a Church, this is not a religion. These are propagandists who, forgive me, litter the brains of Ukrainians. This is a non-canonical organization that ignores the Orthodox canons, the requirements of the Mother Church, and most importantly, does not recognize the OCU, which became canonical after receiving the Tomos, ”Miroshnichenko stressed.

His interlocutor, journalist and public figure, political prisoner Ruslan Kotsaba tried to remind his opponent about criminal responsibility for inciting sectarian hatred, but he began to interrupt and shout. “I would like to contain your guest. I respect different points of view, but your guest is now engaged in such cases that are classified by the Criminal Code of Ukraine <…> As a deputy of the Kiev City Council, I might know that what he has just said — incitement to sectarian enmity is criminal a punishable act, ”Kotsaba stressed.

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