Russian sites, the decision on which was made today by the NSDC, a continuation of Poroshenko’s policy of anti-constitutional restrictions, bans and intimidation of citizens.

This is stated in the party’s statement published on the Oppoplatform website.

The party recalled that in April last year, presidential candidate Vladimir Zelensky in an interview stated that the bans on Russian social networks were meaningless. He also spoke about the selective approach to the application of restrictions, about the inadmissibility of interference by the authorities in the work of the media, in cultural life. He talked about the need to create an alternative before introducing bans.

“Today, these commonsense thoughts, like most other campaign promises, have been forgotten. President Zelensky, under pressure from radicals and the war parties, with whom he is now building a political alliance, has completely reborn, «Oppoplatform said.

The party regarded the extension of the ban on Russian social networks and the media as a continuation of the anti-constitutional policy of censorship and restrictions on freedom of speech. “These bans are meaningless and will not return the president’s trust or respect for citizens. It is necessary to consolidate society, and not separate it by prohibitions. Conduct a dialogue with people, and not forbid them to communicate. We will seek the lifting of the ban on the use of any social networks, the abolition of censorship and restrictions on freedom of speech, ”promised in the“ Oppoplatform ”.

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