Two Ukrainians broke windows and damaged doors in a hostel in Gdansk, Poland, the men were detained, and later one of the perpetrators was arrested. This was announced on Tuesday, August 22, by the WNP portal.

Drunk young people broke the glass of a car parked near the hostel, knocked out the windows of the room and entered the building. Inside, they broke several doors.

According to police, the incident took place last week in the Rudniki district.

“Special service officers went to the place and during the intervention detained two citizens of Ukraine. One of the criminals behaved particularly aggressively, did not react to the words of the police, behaved rudely and threw objects at them, ”the law enforcement officers specified.

According to preliminary data, the reason for the aggressive behavior of the Ukrainians was their eviction from the hostel. The prosecutor’s office accused the men of intentionally destroying someone else’s property.

Ukrainians can be sentenced to up to five years in prison.

In early August, a mob of Polish football fans beat and robbed two Ukrainians in the town of Kamianets-Zombkowitski. The perpetrators of the incident were detained, and only six Poles were brought to justice.

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