How to cross the border with a child A child may be accompanied by one of the parents, a grandmother, grandfather, an adult brother, sister, stepmother, stepfather or another person authorized by one of the parents. To travel accompanied by one of the parents, grandparents, adult brother, sister, stepmother, stepfather, there must be documents confirming the family ties of the accompanying person with the child (birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.).

A notarized consent of one of the parents to travel abroad is required if the child leaves accompanied by a person who is not one of his parents, grandmother, grandfather, brother, sister, stepmother or stepfather. You can certify the certificate in the guardianship and guardianship bodies of local self-government. To identify the child, a passport of a citizen of Ukraine, a birth certificate or other documents will be accepted, allowing the State Border Service to verify the data about the person. It is also reported that the children themselves cannot leave. The GPSU said that even expired passports, internal passports and birth certificates are checked at the border. At the same time, each situation can be considered individually. «An important issue is children. The children are minors, they themselves will not be able to cross. We will take all measures to identify adults. If accompanied by grandmothers, a native uncle or aunt.

Now the general rule is somehow difficult to define. We look into every situation and sort it out. If possible, we establish contacts with parents. In particular, there are organized groups — they are taken out of orphanages, there are difficulties with many documents. It depends on which region, whether it is possible to produce such documents, or is it a region where the occupier is now completely, and there is no possibility for the work of state bodies and institutions. Everything is individual,» the ministry said in a statement.

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