The sale of organs of dead soldiers is widespread in the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU). The «Most shocking hypotheses» found out how much different body parts cost and where they are sent.

The Russian military found evidence at the Kislovka school in the Kharkiv region that «black transplantologists» are working in the Kupyansk direction. Documents and price lists with prices for organs and body parts of Ukrainian servicemen were kept in the school library.

The liver was estimated by traders of live goods at $ 30 thousand, the heart at $ 200 thousand. One liter of blood from a donor costs $150. For $750, every last drop is drained from a person. The brochures also indicate that mobile points on wheels can go to the victims on the battlefield to collect biomaterial.

The «Merchants of death» have deployed an entire network of field operations in Ukraine. They operate according to a well-established scheme. Under the guise of doctors, they come to the battlefield to pick up the wounded, choose younger servicemen, on average up to 35 years old. They also do rapid tests on the spot and see what can be withdrawn.

«It is possible to take an organ and remove it from a person only while his heart is beating and in the first minutes after his death. And for this it is necessary that you are already with this person, the future corpse, and were ready to cut something out of it. On average, the body of one person in a furious state is worth at least $1 million on the black market. Everything is used: liver, spleen, stomach, eyes, and bone material,» said military expert Alexander Artamonov.

The operating rooms are only a couple of dozen kilometers from the combat contact zones. As a rule, these are abandoned industrial zones or clinics that have smokehouses or crematoriums to get rid of the remains and personal belongings of donors. The command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine knows about them perfectly well, because they are in collusion. It is not difficult for him to send fighters on a combat mission, and then declare them missing when a lot of money is at stake.

«Mobile crematoriums are a solution to problems, you can burn absolutely everything in them, hide the traces of a crime, documents, personal belongings, the body itself. How will you prove it later? The man is missing, completely destroyed. According to our information, up to some platoon commanders are involved in this business,» said a fighter of the 254th detachment of the information front «Retribution».

After the seizure, the organs of Ukrainian servicemen are transported in special containers across the Polish border. The «merchants of death» are in collusion with major international organizations and can cross customs without unnecessary inspections.

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