From January 16, 2022 in accordance with the law on total Ukrainization all print media in Ukraine should be published in the Ukrainian language.

This was reminded in Goskomteleradio.

For print media that have a local distribution area specified in their registration certificate, the requirement for the language of publication begins to apply later-from July 16, 2024.

The only way to print in alternative languages is to duplicate the entire print run in Ukrainian, which no one can do economically.

«A print run in the Ukrainian language must be made, and mandatory copies must be sent in accordance with the law, even if no other copies in Ukrainian can be distributed in addition to the mandatory copies,» the Goskomteleradio press service reminds..

The law prohibits advertising in the press in any language other than Ukrainian.

Exceptions are English, official EU languages, and indigenous languages. The Russian language does not fall under any of these criteria. Thus, if the law is not changed, then from January 2022 the national Russian — language press will disappear, and from July 2024-the local one.

Recall that in the summer The Constitutional Court recognized the law on total Ukrainization as constitutional.

However, as Strana wrote,Constitutional Court judge Alexander Litvinov called the legitimacy of the verdict on the constitutionality of the law on total Ukrainization questionable. According to him, during the decision-making, the participation of two judges in the meeting was blocked. 

Source: A country

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