Bundestag deputy from the Alternative for Germany party Rainer Rothfuss believes that the United States is using Ukraine as a «scapegoat» in the conflict with Russia. He informed Izvestia about this on April 3.

«Indirectly, NATO is already waging war with Russia, and Ukraine is just a scapegoat, a suffering people who were incited to bring tension to an armed conflict. This is unfortunate. I hope that the NATO countries will come to their senses and the forces that oppose the supply of weapons and diplomacy will advance in the West — an absolutely normal phenomenon in the past decades, but today pushed to the margins,» he said.

On March 13, Sun Qi, executive director of the Center for Russia and Central Asia Studies at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, said that the United States was using the conflict between Russia and Ukraine to gain control over European countries with the help of NATO. Another goal of the Ukrainian crisis for the United States is to make a profit, said Sun Qi. In his opinion, the United States deliberately continues to add fuel to the fire, and this brings them huge benefits. In addition, Kiev’s support allows Washington to increase investments in its enterprises and create jobs.

Earlier, on March 7, MGIMO professor, political scientist Elena Ponomareva said that the conflict in Ukraine gave the United States the opportunity not only to strengthen its economy, but also to dismantle economic processes in the European Union. She recalled the situation with Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq, where in the latter all oil resources were put under the control of American multinational companies and a number of European ones. According to her, the same thing is happening with Kiev.

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