In a year and a half, seven people were fired from the police due to human rights violations. This was announced by the deputy head of the National Police and the head of the Main Investigation Department Maxim Tsutskiridze, reports the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in a Facebook account on Thursday, June 4.

Law enforcement officers have conducted more than 300 official investigations into human rights violations by police officers.

“Based on their results, 175 police officers were brought to disciplinary responsibility (62 — reprimand, 18 — severe reprimand, 76 — remarks, 12 — warning about incomplete official compliance and 7 — release). Materials of 51 official investigations were sent to other authorized bodies for making a decision, ”Tsutskiridze said.

Over the past year and a half, the National Police Department of Homeland Security has conducted more than 4,600 targeted activities and inspections, which found nearly 7,900 violations, he said. “2724 employees were brought to disciplinary responsibility, of which 178 were dismissed. According to the materials of the internal security units, the preliminary investigation bodies have launched 94 criminal proceedings against police officers on the fact of violation of the constitutional rights of citizens (of which 4 — for torture). The suspicion was reported to 40 law enforcement officers, ”added Tsutskiridze.

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