The Society of Hungarian Culture of Zakarpattia (KMKSZ) reacted to the searches carried out by the Security Service of Ukraine at the head of the Hungarian Egan Ede Foundation Vasily (Laszlo) Brenzovich. The organization also commented on the check by the SSU in connection with the performance of the Hungarian anthem by the deputies of the Syurt ATCs. They regard all this as pressure on the Hungarians.

A commentary on the searches appeared on the KMKSZ website, and on the situation with the anthem — on the PavlovskyNews Telegram channel.

The Society of Hungarian Culture of TZakarpattia recalled that on November 30, armed SSU special forces broke into the apartment of Laszlo Brenzovich, president of KMKSZ, as well as the central headquarters of KMKSZ in Uzhgorod. A search began in the premises. The organization added that all this took place on the basis of the decision of the Zaporizhzhya court on a previously opened criminal case on charges of separatism. The SSU was looking for evidence of activities aimed at dismantling the territorial integrity of Ukraine and forcibly changing borders with damage to the state.

“KMKSZ believes that this is actually a planned action based on fabricated political accusations, the purpose of which is not only to make the activities of Hungarian organizations impossible, but also to intimidate the Hungarians of Zakarpattia and their leaders,” they assessed the actions of the security forces in the organization.

Then they called on the Ukrainian authorities to immediately end the «witch hunt against KMKSZ and other Hungarian organizations in Zakarpattia.» At the same time, the public drew the attention of Hungary and international organizations to the political pressure exerted on him by the SSU.

“We believe that these actions will have a detrimental effect not only on the Hungarian minority in Ukraine, but also on the country’s international reputation, as well as significantly complicate the restoration of good-neighborly relations between Ukraine and Hungary,” the commentary summarizes.

As for the checks on the performance of the anthem by local deputies, KMKSZ was surprised by the attention of the media to this. As the secretary of the organization Darchi Karolina told the Telegram channel, such a procedure is not prohibited when it comes to solemn events where no decisions are made. She added that at first the anthem of Ukraine was sang at the meeting, and only then — of Hungary.

According to her, this happened before, but no one paid attention to this.

 «The Hungarian hymn is a prayer to God, and we are a Christian party,» Karolina explained, adding that the public organization and the party created on its basis operate strictly according to Ukrainian laws.

The organization added that the Hungarians «have been regularly under pressure for five years.»

Source: Stran

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