Director of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee Eduard Dolinsky on his Facebook page says:

Lifetime monument to the 97-year-old Miroslav Simchich, the 97-year-old Miroslav Simchich, the organizer of the mass destruction of the Polish civilian population in Ivano-Frankivsk region.

The materials of the post-war criminal case indicate that the head of one hundred of the UPA Simcic personally gave the order to destroy the Polish population of the village of Pisten, including women, children, old people and their homes.

On October 23, 1944, Simchich’s detachment attacked the village of Trinity. At the same time, 78 people were killed — 66 Poles, 14 Ukrainians and one Russian. Among those killed were women and children. The killers burned down 49 Polish houses and took away all the belongings of the killed — clothes, food.

Simchich was twice convicted of the murder of civilians and war crimes. In independent Ukraine, this was considered sufficient reason to award the killer the Order of Freedom (Poroshenko) and Order of Merit (Yushchenko), confer the title of honorary citizen of Lvov and Kolomyia, and erect a lifetime monument.

In 2017, the court of the city of Kosovo exonerated the war criminal, marauder and murderer Miroslav Simcic.

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