On December 10, a resident of Kiev, Andrei Rachok, demonstratively overturned the Hanukiah, installed there, on Kontraktova Square — a lamp dedicated to the Jewish national holiday of Hanukkah (the holiday of light). This was reported by the «United Jewish Community of Ukraine» in its Telegram channel.

Andriy Rachok recorded his act on video and accompanied it with a comment: “Friends, I feel that I have not fulfilled my sacred duty, and have not shown how we should really behave with foreigners who are engaged in usurpation of power, occupation of territories and genocide of the Ukrainian people.”

Following this preface, the Kiev citizen approached the Hanukiah, overturned it, returned and added: «Ukrainians are strength, jewishes are a grave.»

Andrey posted a video of the trial on his FB page on December 10 at 15:05. A few hours later, he published an extract from the URPI (Unified register of pre-trial investigations) with information that a criminal case was opened against him under Part 1 of Article 296 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (Hooliganism).

On December 11, around 11:30, Andrei Rachok made another attempt to turn the Hanukkah over, but this time it was welded to the tile.

«The United Jewish Community of Ukraine qualifies Andrei Rachko’s actions and statements as anti-Semitism and calls on law enforcement agencies to conduct an objective investigation. We will additionally apply to law enforcement agencies with a statement on the opening of a criminal case under Article 161 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, «the statement reads.

 It should be noted that in February 2019, activist Andrei Rachok applied to the Central Election Commission to run in the presidential election in March, but was denied.

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