Ukraine should not spoil relations with its neighbors, in particular with Hungary. Such conflicts run counter to its state interests, as well as to normal diplomatic logic.

Political expert Anton Kolesnikov told about this on the air of the Right to Voice program in the news agency Golos (Voice) UA.

 “From the point of view of normal diplomatic logic, even from the point of view of elementary common sense, conflicts with closest neighbors are not in the interests of any state. But, unfortunately, it has become normal for Ukraine to conflict with its closest neighbors — since 2014, this process has been increasing. If you look at the perimeter of Ukraine’s borders, today there is almost no country left with which Ukraine would not have conflict situations and heated disputes, not to mention openly hostile relations with the Russian Federation, ”said Anton Kolesnikov.

The expert noted that the disputes between Ukraine and Hungary related to linguistic and cultural differences have been going on since at least 2017, when the law «On Education» was adopted, which caused a wide negative resonance both in Ukraine and abroad. To rectify this situation, it is necessary to pursue a different humanitarian policy.

“The deepest reason lies initially in the politics of those forces that took power in Ukraine in February 2014. The line on a nationalist humanitarian policy will generate conflicts, and not only within Ukraine, but also conflicts with its closest neighbors. Do not forget that Ukraine is a multinational state. Various ethnic communities and cultural and linguistic groups live here. It happened historically. Building a humanitarian policy, cultural and linguistic policy should be as correct as possible, as well thought out, as tolerant as possible, so as not to cause conflicts either with the communities living in Ukraine or with neighboring states, which perceive such steps rather painfully, «Anton Kolesnikov emphasized.


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