On January 22, journalist Ruslan Kotsaba was attacked by the Right Sector under a court in Kolomyia.

The details were told to Strana by the journalist himself.

«Today in Kolomyia, a regular meeting was held on the fabricated case of six years ago, when I was accused of high treason, on the basis of which I spent 524 days in a pre-trial detention center. Under the courthouse, a large group of aggressive thugs from failed neo-Nazi groups attacked me and my lawyer Tatiana Montyan. They sprayed us with a fire extinguisher and shouted various threats against us. They threw eggs at us. The police did not respond to this in any way.

After the trial, there were much more aggressive thugs than before the trial. I am grateful to the police for organizing a corridor and escorting us out. When we got out, they started throwing eggs at us again, trying to flatten the wheels in our car. My 76-year-old mother was driving, and they also attacked her, but thanks to the police officers who pushed back the attackers, we still managed to leave the court grounds, » Kotsaba said.

At the same time, a rally in support of Kotsaba was held in Berlin near the Ukrainian Embassy.

Recall that in July 2016, the court found journalist Ruslan Kotsaba not guilty of treason. Since the acquittal, the prosecutor’s office has been actively appealing the court decision for almost three years, and in 2019 it won and can now re-examine Kotsaba’s case.

It was also reported that in 2017Ruslan Kotsaba was attacked by the speaker of the «Right Sector» Alexey Byk. In 2019, the journalist recorded a video message in which he asked to save himself and his family from the massacre of radicals and said that he receives threats all the time.

Source: A country

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