The judges of the Sixth Administrative Court of Appeal were threatened by nationalists because of the hearings on the SS Galicia division.

Two judges, Elena Kuzmishina and Natalya Buzhak, announced threats of reprisal against law enforcement agencies at once. That is, two out of three judges hearing this case.

It was this court that yesterday overturned the decision to recognize the symbols of the SS «Galicia» as Nazi. The revoked decision was about prohibiting the Institute of National Remembrance from using it.

Strana learned about the judges’ complaints from its own sources in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Themis’ servants said that threatening sms messages had been sent to their mobile numbers. They said that this is a «reminder to all enemies and traitors of Ukraine» and that all judges of the District Administrative Court of Appeal «are declared accomplices of the Putin-Kremlin separatists and their lackeys in power» if they refuse to satisfy the Institute’s appeal.

“Assuming the idea that the symbols of the Galicia division can be recognized as Nazi, you are not only wiping your feet on the true defenders of Ukraine — you are bowing and licking the feet of the occupier and the eternal enemy of our nation,” the messages said.

It seems that the pressure on the judges worked — and yesterday they canceled the decision of the District Administrative Court of Kiev, which had previously prohibited the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory from using the symbols of the SS Galicia division.

We will remind, on May 27, the District Administrative Court of Kiev, at the suit of a Kiev woman Natalia Myasnikova, recognized the actions of the Institute of National Remembrance and its then chairman Vladimir Vyatrovich as illegal.

On the eve of Vyatrovich, in response to an inquiry from Strana, he said that the symbols of Galicia were not a derivative of the National Socialist totalitarian regime. Therefore, it is not subject to a ban in Ukraine.

The court annulled this document. And he ordered the Institute of National Memory and its officials to refrain from spreading this symbolism in the future. That is, in fact, recognizing it as Nazi.

Source: Strana

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