Today, national radicals in Ukraine feel permissiveness, because the authorities are afraid of them, and the law enforcement system is unprofessional and ineffective. This was stated by Viktor Medvedchuk, Chairman of the Political Council of the Opposition Platform — For Life Party, People’s Deputy of Ukraine, when answering journalists’ questions.

“That is why we are today ranked first in Europe in terms of crime,” explained Viktor Medvedchuk.

The parliamentarian emphasized that society and state authorities should not tolerate the rampant of national radicals, as is happening now. Moreover, the monopoly on the use of violence in the country should belong only to the state.

“Today, the state represented by Mr. Zelensky, as previously represented by Petro Poroshenko, has not won back this constitutional right, an obligatory attribute of state power. Considering that the current government is afraid of national radicals, this is all happening, ”Medvedchuk said.

That is why, the People’s Deputy stressed, when Ukrainians are asked how they feel safe, more than 60% answer that the authorities are not capable of ensuring their safety.

“Here is an assessment of the authorities, an assessment of what is happening in the country,” concluded Viktor Medvedchuk.

Earlier, Viktor Medvedchuk announced that the Opposition Platform — For Life party created the Ukrainian Front for the Defense of Historical Memory Public Movement to protect the true historical memory, which today needs not only restoration, but also sincere respect and veneration.

The politician also stated that national radicals and so-called activists use the mechanisms of a non-legal state in Ukraine, the mechanism of force and pressure on the authorities in certain issues.


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