The Opposition Platform-For Life has issued a special statement of the party for the International Human Rights Day

Seventy-three years ago, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The States that have supported it have committed themselves and are responsible for upholding and promoting key human rights, regardless of race, religion, language, culture or ethnic origin. This list includes the right to life, personal freedom and freedom of expression, the right to social security and freedom of choice. UN member states have declared their desire to build a world where people are free from fear and want.

Among these countries was Ukraine, as a founding member of the UN. But the current government has forgotten about this circumstance and discarded high goals. The Ze-government imposes a despotic, repressive state in Ukraine, which despises human rights, does not take into account the norms of morality, the Constitution and international agreements.

Social, political, and cultural rights of Ukrainian citizens have become victims of the arbitrariness of the Ze-government. In Ukraine, people can no longer count on a decent pension, affordable medicine and quality education. They cannot express their opinions freely. They are not allowed to speak or study the language of their families freely. Millions of Russian-speaking Ukrainians have been turned into «second-class» people.

The right to a fair trial was taken away from citizens. Now officials find people guilty without trial, circumvent the law, impose sanctions on Ukrainian citizens, and shut down media outlets that annoy them. The government arbitrarily prohibits holding local elections in peaceful Ukrainian cities, introduces civil-military administrations there, and dissolves local councils. Ukrainians are vulnerable to violence and corruption.

The OPPOSITION PLATFORM-FOR LIFE strongly condemns all government decisions that violate human rights. The discrimination policy should be stopped immediately. However, this can only be achieved by joining forces. Only together can we stop Ukraine’s slide into dictatorship and disenfranchisement.

Unconditional respect for and guarantees of human rights is the basis on which the country can be reunited and achieve peace, ensure a decent life for people and the democratic development of the Ukrainian state. This is the goal that our political force is striving for. We will fulfill this task when we come to power.

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