Ukrainian authorities it turns into a dictatorial regime who hates and casts out all dissenters. This is stated in the official statement of the Opposition Platform-For Life, published on the website of the political force.

The oppositionists recalled that President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky in an interview with Dom TV channel called on Ukrainians who, in his opinion, have the wrong views to leave Ukraine.

«Commissioner for the Protection of the State Language Taras Kremin went even further. On the air of one of the Ukrainian TV channels, he said that anyone who is not satisfied with the Commissioner for the protection of the state language, the language law and Ukraine should formulate their claims «before sending them to other countries», where they will be calmer. In fact, a government official called for the forced deportation of Ukrainian citizens who disagree with the discriminatory cultural and linguistic policy of the authorities,» the statement reads.

As stated in the OPFL, the policy of dividing Ukrainians into «right» and «wrong» is unconstitutional and » has reached its apogee.»

«Never before in the history of Ukraine has the government reached the point of directly intimidating its own citizens. She did not force those who, according to their linguistic, cultural, ethnic, ideological characteristics, «do not like» to leave the country, » the oppositionists say.

«The Ukrainian government refuses to take into account even the basic human and civil rights,»the statement reads.

«With its policy of intolerance, cultural and linguistic discrimination, curtailment of social rights, destruction of entrepreneurship, tariffs and prices, it is driving millions of people out of the country. Thus destroying any hope for socio-economic development and a democratic future for Ukraine, » the party says.

«We demand to abandon threats against citizens and ensure strict implementation of the Constitution of Ukraine. Ensure equal rights and freedoms of Ukrainian citizens, regardless of their ethnic origin, culture, language, religious and ideological preferences. Turning Ukraine into a totalitarian dictatorship is unconstitutional and unacceptable! » the statement reads.

Recall that Vladimir Zelensky gave a Russian-language interview to the Dom TV channel, addressing his words to residents of uncontrolled territories. He, in fact, called on the Ukrainian citizens of Crimea and Donbass, who support Russia (and there are now the overwhelming majority of those there), to leave for the Russian Federation.

Thus, he made it clear that Ukraine is ready to reintegrate these regions only without their current population. Learn more about this you can read it in the article «Countries».

In turn, Commissioner for the Protection of the state Language Taras Kremin said that all Ukrainians who do not like the current language law, according to which educational, professional and public activities in the country should be carried out in the state language., must be sent to other countries. In this way, he responded to the recent statement of the famous doctor Yevgeny Komarovsky, who stated that the presence of the human rights Ombudsman in Ukraine «humiliates the country».

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