«OPPOSITION PLATFORM — FOR LIFE ”issued a statement demanding to stop the rehabilitation of Nazism in Ukraine. The statement reads in part:

In Ukraine, the rehabilitation of Hitler’s accomplices and Nazi ideology itself is in full swing. Under Poroshenko, and now under Zelensky, the Ukrainian authorities are openly engaged in this with the support of various national radicals. History is being distorted, streets are called by the names of fascist collaborators and memorial plaques are hung on them, and they are trying to denigrate the feat of the soldiers-liberators. The government refuses to celebrate Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War, does not want to honor the veterans, but puts pressure on the courts, forcing them to make decisions that are disastrous for society.

On September 23, the 6th Administrative Court of Appeal overturned the decision of a lower court and concluded that the symbols of the SS Galicia division were not Nazi. Thus, the court actually reversed the decision of the Nuremberg Tribunal and, forgetting about all the tragedies of the war and the horrors of Nazism, allowed to openly popularize the activities of the SS in Ukraine.

It is significant that this monstrous decision was made at the suit of the Institute of National Remembrance. This body of totalitarian propaganda, headed by Vyatrovich-Drobovich, became the main ideologist of the rehabilitation of Nazism in Ukraine.

THE OPPOSITION PLATFORM FOR LIFE demands from the authorities to stop the campaign to rewrite history and whitewash Hitler’s collaborators. The encouragement of historical falsifications and the rehabilitation of SS divisions paves the way for the transformation of Nazism into the official ideology in Ukraine.

In the war unleashed by the ideologists of Nazism, the Ukrainian people suffered huge losses, endured the horrors of the Holocaust and concentration camps. Millions of civilians became victims of Nazi criminals and their accomplices, millions were driven off to forced labor, 1 million 700 thousand Ukrainians fell on the battlefield against the brown plague. People who despise the sacrifice and feat of their people have no place in power!

We demand the immediate dismissal of Anton Drobovich from the post of director of the Institute of National Memory. Disband this institution for its constant anti-human and anti-Ukrainian propaganda activities. Nazism will not become the ideology of the Ukrainian state. Those who propagandize it cannot stay in power. We will not allow this. The Ukrainian people will not allow this!

Source: zagittya.com.ua

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