The political party «OPPOSITION PLATFORM FOR LIFE» issued a statement in which it commented on the decision of the National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio Broadcasting to issue a warning to 112 Ukraine TV channel due to the broadcast of the Orthodox cartoon «Seraphima’s Unusual Journey».

The statement reads in part:

The authorities and their puppets from the National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting are trying to burn out freedom of speech in Ukraine at any cost. Therefore, bureaucratic terror has been launched against independent TV channels. Under any, even the most absurd, pretext, the puppets from the National Council appoint unscheduled inspections, issue warnings, drag TV channels to courts.

The authorities cannot accept that the TV channels cover the activities of the opposition, which tells people the truth about the situation in the country. Therefore, it forces the controlled media officials to resort to outright political censorship. Now the censors in the National Council consider the demonstration of opposition politicians’ speeches, their meetings with voters to be an offense and are trying to punish the disobedient media.

The zeal of the bureaucrats of the National Council in putting pressure on TV channels has already gone beyond common sense. They issued a warning to 112 Ukraine TV channel for showing the animated film “The Unusual Journey of Seraphima”. From their point of view, stories about an Orthodox girl and the ordeals that befell her have no place on television. Only because the cartoon shows the participation of a person who can pose a threat to the national security of Ukraine.

THE OPPOSITION PLATFORM FOR LIFE believes that the punishment of TV channels for covering the activities of the opposition and even for showing children’s cartoons is schizophrenia and a direct path to totalitarianism. Officials with the mindset of inquisitors have no place in public service. We demand to immediately change the totalitarian legislation introduced by the Yatsenyuk-Poroshenko gang and stop the campaign of harassment of independent TV channels and persecution of freedom of speech in Ukraine.

 Source: OPFL

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