The scandal with the military registration of Ukrainian women was continued today. The Defense Ministry said that both pregnant women and mothers with young children will have to go to the military enlistment office.

We are talking about explanations to Order 313, the existence of which became known the other day. This order expands the list of female professions that need to be registered in the military. For evasion — the same types of penalties that are imposed on men. 

The list of these professions is very extensive — it includes accountants, managers, librarians, and journalists. That is, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Ukrainian women need to be registered. Previously, this applied only to doctors and other specific professions. 

They were essentially made subject to military service on an equal basis with men — with the exception of conscription. And today it became known that exceptions will not be made even for pregnant and young mothers. 

«Strana» gathered a reaction to this decision of the military. 

Pregnant women-to the military enlistment office

Order 313, which came into force on December 17 for women’s professions, caused a big scandal in Ukrainian society. 

The very idea of making the country’s female population liable for military service shocked Ukrainians. Also, many people did not like the trend that the population is being prepared for mass arming while people’s lives are deteriorating in other respects. 

Immediately there were rumors that this is a way to «shake money out of women» for being «excused» from military registration.

In addition, those who are liable for military service must leave for regular training camps. 

At the same time, they promise to fine you for not registering. And not only the women themselves, but also their employers (if they take them to work without checking whether they are on the military register).

Many people are particularly outraged that the president, who never served in the army, and also evaded conscription during the anti-terrorist operation, started all this. 

In addition, military registration in Ukraine is quite a quest. Even without women, there are queues in military registration and enlistment offices, since these departments work for 2-3 hours at the reception, and even then not every day. Users also write about this under the posts of the Ministry of Defense. 

Now the situation will get even worse. This means that bribes will also increase from those who do not have the opportunity or desire to spend several days of their lives on military bureaucracy and medical examinations. 

That is, on the one hand — extra stress for people, on the other-new corruption revenues for military officials.  

«Military registration is a typical bureaucratic procedure in Ukrainian: you can do it for free if you let the bureaucrats fuck your brain for two or three weeks, or you can do it for 150-200 bucks without hemorrhoids.

The Defense Minister just decided to let the military commissars raise the babules. And then during the time of mobilizations, when the cost of the evasion reached 2-3 kilobucks, they have already lost the habit of red caviar and got used to black. And Putin still doesn’t attack«,» explains journalist Yuri Tkachev.

After rising discontent, the Ministry of Defense promised to reduce the list of women’s professions that are interesting for the army (but so far this has not been done).

And the commander-in-chief Valery Zaluzhny said today that for the time being, Ukrainian women will be sent to the training camps exclusively at their request.

He also promised that women will not be conscripted into the army yet, but made it clear that in the event of war, this will still happen. 

And today, the Main Intelligence Directorate was sent to calm down the «zrada» (although it is not very clear what the scouts have to do with this issue-apparently, only they can already catch evaders). But it turned out quite the opposite.

In one of the points with explanations, the GUR (the main directorate of intelligence) stated that pregnant and young mothers will also be required to report to the military enlistment offices. «Pregnant women and / or those with young children are also taken on military registration,» the intelligence report says. 

That is, the picture is as follows: the Ministry of Defense decided to introduce a completely draconian norm to expand the list of girls and women liable for military service. Without making almost any exceptions, even where they are «asked for».

But after the outrage, many positions began to be taken back: they promise to reduce the list of professions and not send ladies to training camps, separating them from their families. And there are chances that much will be won back: for example, the petition to Zelensky for the cancellation of Order 313 as such is rapidly gaining votes. 

In the meantime, the norm on registering pregnant and lactating mothers has caused a surge of discussions in social networks.

«Give birth in the army!»

«Military registration of pregnant women is a creative development of fake-Women will still give birth. In modern realities, it sounds like this-Give birth in the army!», — writes the MP. Max Buzhansky.

«Our commander — in-Chief definitely deserves the Darwin Political Award,» lawyer Elena Lukash comments on the situation.

Journalist Alina Shostak writes that she does not imagine pregnant girls who go through all the circles of hell  of the military enlistment offices. 

«The military registration and enlistment offices are now in open chaos and disorder-reception twice a week, live queues without the ability to make an appointment for a specific time, the need to undergo a medical examination in the same conditions, as well as bureaucracy reduced to the level of absurdity — do you really think that it is normal to invite pregnant women to such conditions? If a woman is going to give birth in 2022, should she come to the military registration and enlistment office with a belly or with a baby?»

In the comments to the GUR post, users don’t understand why they didn’t make exceptions to the order. 

«Where are the exceptions? Single mothers. Sole wet nurses for minor children or women who take care of disabled parents? Not. You didn’t hear it. Idiots and beggars in their thinking. The main thing is that the specialty is appropriate. I’m not going anywhere. I won’t pay the fine either, » Yulia from Kiev writes.

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