According to the results of the survey, it became known that 68% of Poles have a bad attitude towards Ukrainian refugees. Further—only worse, Aleksey Pushkov, a member of the Light of the Federation, warned in his Telegram channel on February 12.

According to him, the trend towards the formation of a negative attitude has been formed over the past six months. The politician predicted that the “fabric of solidarity” would thin out over time and the attitude towards refugees would become even worse. The very integration of Ukrainians into the European space will one way or another become a process saturated with difficulties.

“Moreover, most of them came not to work, but to receive, in accordance with the logic of the Maidan, that “everyone owes Ukraine,” Pushkov writes.

On February 2, naTemat, citing political activist Leszek Sykulsky, reported that anti-Ukrainian billboards appeared in the Polish city of Czestochowa. According to Sykulsky, in the near future such billboards will be placed throughout the country.

Earlier, on January 21, a rally was held in Warsaw against Poland’s involvement in the Ukrainian conflict. Several hundred people took part in the march. The action was organized by the patriotic organization «Compatriots— Kamrady». The posters contained calls for peace and statements about the inadmissibility of «the shedding of Polish blood».

On January 19, Alexei Chepa, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs, noted that among the Poles dissatisfaction is brewing with the fact that their fellow citizens are participating in hostilities in Ukraine, and Ukrainian refugees “feel great” in Poland.

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