The «patriots» who were defeated yesterday, who had kept the Ukrainian streets at bay in recent years after the «Revolution of Dignity», are slowly coming to their senses and sending threats of attacks on the offices and party supporters of blogger Anatoly Shariy.

So called in the network «patriots» — radicals and nationalists, published a video in which they threaten to arrange an «all-Ukrainian safari» for the blogger’s supporters

“You’re in luck today. You haven’t met us face to face, but we will definitely fix this problem. In the war, we had a rule: for one of ours, we take 10 enemies. You said that you would defeat us on the street, but you forgot that we are the street, ”the leader of the group addressed.

The faces of the applicants are traditionally hidden. The voice is changed.

Odessa street «patriot» Demyan Ganul did not stand aside either, writing on his Facebook page a post threatening the members of the Shariy party:

«Now, at the first meeting of the Shariites in Odessa, they will receive pi … Stop flirting with the aggressor.»

According to journalist Pavel Volkov, who took part in yesterday’s protest by Sharia’s party against the inaction of the authorities and the police, radicals beat the blogger’s comrades-in-arms upon their return to Zaporozhye.

“About half an hour ago, when the Zaporozhye cell of Sharia’s party was returning home, a crowd of Nazi fighters with sticks, stones and spray cans attacked the guys near the party’s office in a cowardly and cowardly manner. Three victims in the 5th hospital, ”Volkov wrote 11 hours ago on a social network.

Yesterday, the Telegram channel “Legitimny” warned Sharia about the fact that for the «defeat» the ultra-right were going to smash the offices.

“Let’s just say that any countermeasures by nationalists will only benefit Shariy and the party. People are tired of “the street is us,” because the nationalists have turned from a revolutionary locomotive into a bunch of marginalized criminals who have a place behind bars and who have gotten everyone for a long time, ”writes TG-channel Klymenko Time.

Recall that on June 17, thousands of supporters of the blogger Anatoly Shariy’s party in Kiev held a peaceful protest action near the President’s Office, then went to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and at the house of Volodymyr Zelensky. This time, their main demand for the president was to pay attention to the lawlessness of the radicals in connection with their systematic attacks on journalists with complete inaction of the police. Leftist Ukrainian human rights activist Volodymyr Chemeris called the rally by Shariy’s supporters “the end of ultra-right domination” on the streets.На конец эры националистического контроля улиц обратили внимание и другие наблюдатели за процессами на Украине.

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