The popular Telegram messenger blocked the controversial «Put down the Cotton Wool» channel, in which Ukrainian radicals published news about nationalist attacks on dissident citizens. As reported, administrators of the provocative resource immediately launched a backup channel. However, this was not enough for the radicals, and a new Telegram channel with even more aggressive content appeared on the Network.

The new public is called «Kontstabir» (Concentration Camp) and promotes not just tough measures to combat those who do not support nationalist ideas, but also explicit anti-Semitism, racism and fascism.

«The policy of our project is anti-Russian. Anyone who cries for Jews is an enemy»,- the resource’s message says.

By the way, the new Telegram channel even managed to unleash a conflict with the nationalist organization «Right Sector», accusing its members of»denazification of the right».

«They can’t even be called right-wing anymore. Jewish sector of some sort. Happy lochokost, pravoseki, «the administration of the»Concentration Camp» said.

Just a few days ago, «Put down the cotton Wool» published calls for harassment of a Nigerian student from Zaporozhye, who was forced to apologize for the Ukrainian language

According to media reports, the administrator of the «Put down the Cotton Wool» public is Alexander Demidov (pseudonym Sasha Volkov), a veteran of the Azov regiment with the call sign «Wolf» and an associate of the leader of the «National Corps» Andrey Biletsky. By the way, Demidov (Volkov) is a suspect in the case of the attack on the ex-adviser to the head of the National Security and Defense Council Sergey Sivokho, and also participated in the attack on MP Maxim Buzhansky.

Source: Inesti

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