possible to hear right-wing groups only in basements, now they perform at big concerts and festivals, spreading and legalizing right-wing extremist ideology. This is stated in the material «Right-wing music in Ukraine», published in UKRAINE-ANALYSEN on Wednesday, October 14.

Researcher Lesya Bidochko writes that after the Euromaidan, the right-wingers loudly declared themselves, and their rhetoric reached the political mainstream.

“Provoked by the Maidan and the fighting in Donbass, the right-wing forces in Ukraine, with loud speeches, helped to legitimize right-wing extremist views in the political mainstream,” she writes.

Important, according to Bidochko, is the fact that today’s right-wing extremism is multi-layered. This is an appeal to the bygone «golden» times of glory and greatness; and populism, which promises quick solutions to complex problems; and the rebirth of the nation. All of the above in right-wing music connects with National Socialism, including anti-Semitism, racism and xenophobia.

“The age-old theme of anti-Semitism and calls for the extermination of Jews is also present in Ukrainian right-wing music,” she says

Bidochko focuses on music as a tool for mobilizing supporters of right-wing radical views. “Music creates a symbolic space for extremist politics,” the researcher notes.

She says that by listening to politically motivated songs, young people are recruited into the ultra-nationalist movement.

As you know, on Wednesday, October 14, Ukrainian nationalists and right-wing radicals held an UPA march in Kiev. At the same time, a scandalous poster was placed near the building of the President’s Office against the head of state, Volodymyr Zelensky. In particular, the poster read: “Ukrainians! We celebrate together the anniversary of the occupation and robbery of Ukraine by the Dnieper Jewish clan of Vova Zelensky. «

The anti-Semitic trick of the nationalists was immediately reacted. Thus, the united Jewish community of Ukraine has already filed a statement with the police because of this poster under the President’s Office.

Source: Vesti

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