The new head of the committee on humanitarian policy Nikita Poturayev («Servant of the people») submitted to the Rada a draft resolution in which he proposed to reject the draft of his colleague, People’s Deputy Maxim Buzhansky on the languages ​​of instruction in educational institutions.

As stated in the draft resolution of Poturayev, it was recommended to reject the bill №2362 on the basis of the committee’s conclusion.

In his bill, Maxim Buzhansky proposed that the transition for Russian-teaching schools to new curricula, which provide for a large share of teaching in Ukrainian, be postponed until September 1, 2023.

The draft law, which proposed to equalize the rights of all national minorities, extending the transition period for the transition of Russian schools to the Ukrainian language for another 3 years, Maxim Buzhansky submitted to the Rada twice. For the first time, the Humanitarian Policy Committee returned the document to the author for revision. Then Buzhansky submitted an updated draft, which the committee rejected on June 17.

It is interesting that the Main Scientific and Expert Directorate of the Verkhovna Rada  (MSED), which analyzes all draft laws, gave a positive assessment to this document.

As stated in the conclusion of the MSED, “The establishment of a single transitional period for pupils of all indigenous peoples or national minorities of Ukraine will comply with the provisions of the Constitution of Ukraine regarding the proclamation of Ukraine as a legal state (Article 1), will ensure the compliance of laws with the Basic Law of Ukraine (Article, will ensure equality of constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens of Ukraine (Article 24) ”.

Without the adoption of this project, all Russian-language schools in Ukraine will switch to the Ukrainian language of instruction from September 1, 2020. At the same time, schools with the language of instruction of other national minorities (which are the official languages ​​of the EU) will be able to teach in the languages ​​of the respective national minorities for another 3 years.

Earlier, «Strana» reported that Russian schools, which should become Ukrainian from September 1, 2020, lack textbooks in Ukrainian.

Source: «Strana»

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